We Are Designer Garage Doors

Experienced. Credible. Detail Oriented.

Our Business

Founded by Eric Euell, Designer Garage Doors raises the bar on garage door design, customer service and installation. By listening to our clients, paying attention to the details that matter and seeing each project through, our team recognizes that the selection and purchase of garage doors is not only an infrequent occurrence but an important decision. We provide each client with the resources, creative inspiration and information necessary to find the best doors for their home.

Our Vision

Offering an extensive variety of doors, we take pride in providing customers with a large selection of high quality product. Closely following design trends and new introductions into the garage door space, we are consistent in updating our portfolio with the most relevant, quality product doors on the market. We understand that finishes and materials matter so we work with clients to understand their vision before guiding them in the direction we best see fit.

About Our Founder

Leveraging years of experience, Eric Euell founded Designer Garage Doors to service clients across New England. Eric's detailed understanding of the garage door space has assisted in growing Designer Garage Doors into the business it is today.

Eric Euell